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Terms & Conditions

Please read the information below carefully

The price quoted is set for a period of 2 months.

A change in size, quantity or specification will effect this quotation and will need to be re priced accordingly. Subject to the current rate of VAT set by the government.

Stained Glass House's responsibility for the windows finishes when it is satisfactorily glazed in the opening, except in circumstances when Stained Glass House is manufacturing only on behalf of a third party. In which case responsibility finishes when either collected from our premises or delivered to the customers premises and checked.

Where the existing glass is replaced the nearest available match in colour will be sourced.

Payment for the supply and installation of work by ourselves are payable upon completion unless the project takes more than one calendar month in which case a 50% charge is payable before work commences.

We undertake at our option to make good at our expense or to allow credit up to the amount charged by us for any defective work done or damaged, defective or broken goods supplied by us whilst still under our responsibility.

We undertake no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or delay whatsoever (including loss, damage, personal injury or delay to or in connection with glass or other property of the customer) and goods supplied to the customer by us.

Whilst every care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage or breakage of glass and any replacements will be chargeable.

All designs, commissions or items remain the property of Stained Glass House Ltd until final payment is received, whereupon title shall transfer to the customer.


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